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November 11, 2007


Ian Wojtowicz

Thanks Sara. I think this must be the answer to the question I asked about what Africa can do for the West.

Ian Wojtowicz

You make Africa seem rich with positive attitudes.

Sara Nics

Hi Ian,

No, the posting about what Africa can do for the rest of th world is still in the works.

I'm collecting more answers to your question while I am here in Kampala. And I am learning more about the perceptions and realities of the aid/trade relationship meanwhile (see the Sony Kapoor Q&A).

Re Africa being full of potential... I've been talking with people here about the notion of circular time that is so widespread in East Africa. I think it contributes to the hopefulness here.

I'll write more about that after the "What can Africa do for you?" post goes up.


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