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December 07, 2007



amen. you're absolutely right on all counts... yet with the friends you would have fallen out of contact with, you are updated on their lives without effort, and for me, that creates a sense of knowledge about them that i don't really own. i know Sara *****, but Sara didn't tell me, and there wasn't any direct communication... facebook stalking maybe makes us feel a little less lonely. you write more elegantly, perhaps you know what i'm talking about! facebook allows for so many things, including this *false* friendship that develops between associates and the people you would have moved away from.


But what is a false friendship? Because it is only on the surface of Facebook? Sure. But those are acquaintances, not friends, right? But Facebook and other on-line resources make it possible for some of those acquaintanceships (?) to mature into friendships.


I guess the falsity comes from the ability of people to watch others over time without any requirement for interaction. If FaceBook were people in a room, there would be a few great conversations, a lot of people talking about themselves and checking themselves out in the mirror, and a lot of people standing around in silence watching other people intently.

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