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March 18, 2008


Mark Jordan

Sara, "...breathe the air deeply and draw in a vital assurance and lightness of heart. Wake up in the morning and think: here I am, where I ought to be."

These are the words of another fair-skinned girl who fell in love with Kenya. I'm sure you know her. Karen was a teller of stories just as you are.

Enjoy the laughter, and embrace the chaos that is Africa.

Keep on finding the stories that need to be told and keep telling them well.

One last quote from Karen, "...I only thought that I had never seen the country so lovely as if the contemplation of it would in itself be enough to make you happy all your life."


Mark Jordan
Chester, VA

Ian Wojtowicz

Right on Sara. Good choice.


Great to hear - follow your happiness Sara. I'm interested in hearing about any development work that involves renewable energy - in case you come across anything.


Scott Potter

Though it's unfortunate that you won't be coming back to Maine, it's great that you've found a place that you're happy with. It's amazing how much one can grow attached to a place even if they had no intention of staying initially. May Kenya treat you well, and you do the same! Don't forget to visit when you can!

-Scott, MPBN

George in Maine

What a journey you have begun, Sara, and so worthwhile. Your work is educational and inspiring. You are using your enormous talents to tell stories that need to be told, stories that allow us to almost touch and feel the realities the people of Kenya are experiencing. We will truly miss you in Maine. I'll keep the motorcycle gassed up in the event you do come back to visit, and will follow your blogs in the meantime.

Best wishes,


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