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November 26, 2007



Iam very glad the entire world was shown what Uganda must do to the homosexuals. We could never allow such a thing in our nation. Unfortunately for Thursday we were duped otherwise you would have seen what it would be. Iam also very glad that this time round Dr. Ssempa Martin never did anything. The Kiboko squad against homosexuality had to do the needful. Kudos KISAH. You did a good job to throw these guys out. I have no regrets.


Thanks for putting the post here.
I was also there. And there is a slight mistake. Ssempa was involved in the whole issue. Engineered it actually. I did hear him gloating. While the Julie's were having the problems with the police outside, he was gloating, looking at them. So do not absolve him of responsibility. He did it behind doors, but he was the catalyst.

As for James, no shit mate. It is interesting how you good christians are so quickly drawn into a vigilante force. I did hear you guys telling the police to hit the activists. Shame that you are Christians!!!
As Desmond Tutu would say, Christ must be crying.


Good for them, why are they trying to force their way onto others. i know Uganda will fight this thing.....it has defeated many big nations, but uganda will show it fire. big up to that man........pastor Ssempa for his boldness and love for his country. Fight Homosexuality...........its a cancer


This issue about homosexuality isn't aSsempa thing but anational outcry.From an afrocentric view,to mention the word or the act of homosexuality is regarded as abminable in our African society.Ssempa isn't against anybody but the act.so i request my bro and sis to come out and seek help and look forward to wonderful marriages the right way.I fear my future may be among those and i may miss her because she chose the wrong behaviour.Let's be honest guys and do the right things.

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