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January 15, 2008


Kambo Mwangi

Great blog Sara. You may want to add an rss reader to your blog.

TIm Harris

Suppressed tribalism, you say ????

Seriously. Your comments bug me. Guess you want the United States to come in and "democratize" Kenya. Make their inhabitants "more economically sound." Please. One would think you are employed by the CIA with such rhetoric.


Hi Tim,

What's that saying about when you bug people...

Have you lived in Kenya? Do you know East Africa? I'm still learning.

But my comments are based on things many Kenyans have said to me... that this inter-tribal tension has existed since independence in the 60s, if not before... that this conflict would have exploded no matter who won the election...

I don't know if democracy is the ideal form of government. Having lived in the US and Canada, watching French and British politics, there are clearly enormous flaws in democracy as we know it. I certainly don't think the US has any business messing around in Kenyan politics.

But Kenyans want democracy. That much is clear.

You wanna take me to the mat on that one? I'll start collecting statements.

Meanwhile I will take the CIA thing as a compliment. I always thought I was too interested in telling stories to work for any intelligence agency.


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