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March 18, 2008



That's great you're staying on, Sara. You've certainly helped me understand Kenya a little better in the past 7 months. I look forward to reading the other stories on your list.

I have no doubt you'll make it as a story-behind-the-story freelancer. But are you going to change the blog's name?

Mzungu Chick

Excellent news and Karibu ..

Sara Nics

Thanks for the comments, you two.

Brandon, I thought long and hard about changing the blog's name. But there is momentum with the name now, so I just changed the secondary title.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, comments, assignments...


fred bwirre

Yes,Sara tell them all and the world as a whole that Kenya just like any other country or society trying to emerge from a difficult situation coupled with old problems,it is a unique place like no other. As a Kenyan I know it inside out yet each day unwraps a new episode and I suppose your hands are full with sheer number of untold stories.It is only by experiencing Kenya that you get to know the true story and see the true picture.Sara,enjoy your time in Kenya and may your insights and experiences open the world's eyes.
NB;Contact me for more suggestions/assignments.Thanks




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