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June 04, 2008



Hey, Gary and I had Marketplace on the other day while we were making dinner... "...blah blah blah, here's Sara Nics..."...Go girl!

Benin Mwangi @ the Cheetah Index

Hi Sara, what an awesome story. Coming from the West, myself, I know what you mean about our universities tendencies to nurture left leaning ideas.

Which to me makes it even more wonderful that your stay in Kenya has helped instill in you a greater appreciation for business.

When you get a chance I'd like for you to contact me (benin @ africanpath . com)-we are the business news site with the African focus that you mentioned in this post.


paul merrill

As to your formula, "Infrastructure + Entrepreneurship = Widespread, Stable Domestic Development" ...the hard part of the equation is Infrastructure. It has made great strides forward in Nairobi during the last ten years, but it has a LONG way to go.


Hey Sara,

What's going on? I miss your blog!

- Brandon

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